2-ply yarn

The yarns of mon petit rouet are usually 2-ply: Each yarn consists of two individual threads that are twisted together.

zwei Spulen Wolle Spinnrad

First, 50g wool fibers are spun on 2 bobbins. Here the spinning wheel rotates in the same direction, e.g. clockwise.
If you take the yarn from the bobbin now, it would curl up a lot or turn it up again.

zwei Spulen Wolle Spinnrad

The two threads are then twisted together on the spinning wheel.
Now the wheel rotates in the other direction, e.g. counterclockwise, to compensate the rotation of the single threads.

The finished yarn should not curl after unwinding from the bobbin, as long as the twists have been compensated completely. Then you can call it a “relaxed” yarn.

Haspel Wolle Spinnrad

To unwind the finished yarn from the bobbin, I use a “Niddy-Noddy” which is at the same time a tape measure: One round of the yarn means a length of 1.8 meters – so the total length of the yarn can be determined.

photo: Daniel Berkmann

The yarn is removed from the Niddy Noddy for further processing or storage and wound into a skein.

photo: Daniel Berkmann

Or a ball!