Yarn consumption / requirement

How much yarn do I need for …?

There are several pages on the internet where you can calculate the yarn requirements for a project.
But are these calculations also valid for handspun yarns? I compared my yarns with industrial-spun wool and found very quickly that the yarn count in relation to yardage and weight is not really comparable to (my) hand-made yarns.
That’s why I decided to make my own calculations….

The information in the following tables should help you to estimate the yarn consumption for your project. These are statements (only guidelines) about simple knitting patterns, so the consumption will vary with more complicated patterns – and of Course if you do not knit exactly like me 🙂

I have tried different things and will continue to complete the table as soon as I have knitted new pieces:



yarn pattern needle size stitches (10cm) weight (10x10cm)
40m garter stitch 10 mm 9 18 gr
40m garter stitch 8 mm 10 18 gr
40m stockinette stitch 8 mm 10 11 gr
SheepArt garter stitch 10 mm 8 9 gr
SheepArt stockinette stitch 8 mm 8 7 gr





needle size

stitches (10cm)

weight (10x10cm)

200m (one-strand)

garter stitch

8 mm


5 gr

200m (one-strand)

garter stitch

4 mm


6 gr


garter stitch

10 mm


24 gr


stockinette stitch

16 mm


18 gr


garter stitch

8 mm


10 gr


garter stitch

4 mm


14 gr



yarn pattern needle size stitches (10cm) weight (10x10cm)
180m (one-strand) garter stitch 4 mm 17 7 gr
180m (one-strand) garter stitch 10 mm 10 3 gr



A scarf should be 10cm wide and 2m long.

Wool: alpaca one-strand
Needle size: 8 mm
Pattern: garter stitch

10x10cm weigh 5gr, that means: 100gr of wool make 20 pieces of 10x10cm. At a width of 10cm, this results in a length of 200cm.  For this scarf 1 ball is needed.
From this, alternatives can be calculated accordingly: If the scarf is to be 20cm wide, a length of 1m is obtained with 1 ball. For a length of 2m, 2 balls are required.

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