Hand-spun cat wool

I spin the combed wool of your cat into a wonderful yarn! Depending on how many wool fibers you have collected, I make you a ball of yarn of a single-thread or plied yarn or a small piece of jewelry, which is also possible with small amounts of wool.

The soft undercoat is (in most cases) comparable to the quality of angora wool. A yarn of these fibers is very light, incredibly soft and extremely warm.

If you are interested in cat wool products, please read the notes at the bottom of the page.

Cat wool jewelry

For the jewelry is not much wool needed. But since fibers have to be sorted out, I recommend to collect approx. 5g wool fibers (applies to all jewelery).

29,- EUR (pair)

Mini ball of wool with a diameter of about 1.5cm on ear hooks made of 925 sterling silver

Choker with 1 mini ball of wool 22, – EUR

Mini ball of wool with a diameter of about 2.5cm on a stainless steel choker (44cm)

Choker with 3 mini balls of wool 29,- EUR

3 mini balls of wool in different sizes on a stainless steel choker (44cm)

Included in the price:
– Carding
– Spinning
– Washing
– Creating the piece of jewelry
– Shipping to customer (within France, please contact me about shipping costs to other countries)

Yarn of cat wool

I offer you two different types of yarn that I spin from cat’s wool:
Single strand yarn und plied yarn

For Information:
A plied yarn is a Twisted, “two-thread” yarn. This means that two single strand yarns are spun together. Here you get a more solid, thicker yarn with a nice twisting structure. Since this single-strand yarn is used twice, halves the length of the yarn compared to the single yarn.

The single-strand yarn is thinner, longer but also more delicate than the twisted yarn. You will get a very light, thin fabric. With the same needle size, you will get a coarser mesh result than with the plied yarn.

The costs for the cat wool are calculated according to the weight of the fibers to be spun:

up to 20g:     20,- EUR
21 – 30g:    27,- EUR
31 – 40g:    33,- EUR
41 – 50g:    37,50 EUR
each additional 10g  +7,50 EUR

Included in the price:
– Carding
– Spinning
– Washing
– Wrapping to a ball
– Shipping to customer (within France, please contact me about shipping costs to other countries)

That’s about 4g of wool fibers

(for comparison)

Blendings are possible!

If you do not have enough cat wool for a particular knitting / crochet / weaving project, I can also add other fine fibers if you wish (the above prices apply).

If available, I can offer the following fibers for a blend:
– Alpaca: white, beige, dark gray, light grey, cinnamon, brown
– Angora: white
– Kid Mohair: white (pearly)

The color indicated is the natural color of the animals. These fibers / colors can also be blended with each other.
And because almost nothing is impossible, I also spin your cat’s wool on request with dyed merino wool. Please contact to discuss the possibilites.

The two yarns in comparison

single-strand yarn

For 10 x 10 cm*:

22 stitches / 26 rows
Stockinette stitch
Needle size: 3mm
Yarn requirement: 5g

plied yarn

For 10 x 10 cm*:

13 stitches / 18 rows
stockinette stitch
Needle size: 5mm
Yarn requirement: 4g

* The data of the samples are based on my own calculations from small knitted fabrics. Depending on the nature of the fibers, the yarn of your wool may differ from my examples. Of course, the needle size as well as the personal knitting preferences play a major role in determining the yarn requirement, therefore, the samples above are only guidelines.

Important notes / requirements for the spinning of cat wool

Spinning is a very sensory craft.
Since I do not work with gloves, I ask you to Keep some hygienic principles – also in your interest, because you will receive a product from the wool you have sent.

The following criteria must be met so that I can make a nice yarn or piece of jewelry from your cat’s wool

  • The cat is healthy.
  • The coat is free of parasites.
  • I only use wool that has been brushed (not shaved!), as only the undercoat is suitable for spinning and not the top coat.
  • The brushed wool must not contain moths or similar “inhabitants”.
  • The wool is not matted.
  • The wool is clean, so without vegetal parts etc. (but please do not wash!)
  • For spinning, the wool fiber of the back and flanks is particularly suitable, as it is usually longer than on the chest and on the belly (but there are certainly also breeds that do not apply to this). Please avoid the region around the anus generously. Although cats are very clean animals, but I would not like to process any contaminated areas.


Notes on collecting the wool:

  • Carefully remove the hair from the brush and loosen it briefly with your fingers.
  • For storage, it is best to use a small box, so that the fibers are not crushed (the cat wool matted very fast).
  • Please contact me before sending wool.

I reserve the right to reject processing for hygienic reasons – or if the wool is not spinnable for other reasons. In that case I will contact you to discuss how to proceed.